Sports Medicine

High School Coverage

Phoenix Children’s Hospital provides direct coverage for local High School athletic teams. For these schools, we provide direct clinical access to our Sports Medicine Team. We provide the following benefits to the schools we cover:

  • Preferred access to care, including urgent appointments, evaluations and treatments
  • Direct contact and coverage of major events 
  • Comprehensive concussion management 
  • Pre-participation physicals and injury prevention programs
  • Comprehensive education programs for athletes, athletic trainers, coaches and families
  • Guidance for athletic trainers, physical therapists, school nurses and administrators
  • Help with establishing treatment protocols
  • Emergency action plans for all venues and coverage needs

The Sports Medicine Team at Phoenix Children's Hospital assures that all legal areas regarding medical coverage are addressed per state regulations and Arizona Interscholastic Association Rules and Guidelines. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Qualified medical professional coverage and protocols
  • Emergency action plan
  • Contact rules for football
  • Concussion education
  • Heat acclimatization and exertional heat illness management policy
  • Drugs, alcohol and tobacco use
  • Weather-related scenario

The Sports Medicine Program team offers sports physicals on-site throughout the year in addition to other program services. Our goal is to provide comprehensive care to help your athletes continue their safe participation in sports. These physicals include:

  • Vitals
  • Vision screenings
  • General physical exam
  • Orthopedic exam
  • Sport concussion testing
  • Additional add-on services as needed:
    • Cardio/EKG 
    • Echocardiogram

Our partners receive expert care for all of their athletes. If you'd like to learn how to become a partner with Phoenix Children's Sports Medicine please contact Debby Pike at (602) 933-0264 or by emailing

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