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Spine Services



​The Herbert J. Louis Center for Pediatric Orthopedics at Phoenix Children’s Hospital treats all aspects of spinal issues and deformities, including scoliosis, with surgical and non-surgical treatments. 

Every year, our spinal services team performs hundreds of spine surgeries. The cutting-edge technologies the team uses provide treatments customized to the patient’s condition and stage of growth. As a result, the length of stay for our spinal surgery patients is well below the national average. 

In addition, our orthopedic surgeons are also members of the Level 1 Pediatric Trauma Team, providing expert, life-saving care to children and teens who have suffered serious musculoskeletal injuries.

Most of our spine patients are referred to us by primary care providers and because of sports physicals. However, a referral is not needed to make an appointment for a new patient. Contact us at (602) 933-3033 to learn more and make an appointment.

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